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Edward Inman in 1920s Atlanta

Atlanta rebuilt from the ashes of the Civil War to become the leading business and industrial center of the South. What enabled the city to succeed in this endeavor? America saw an economic boom in the Roaring 20s which ended with the stock market crash in the fall of 1929. How did Atlanta fair compared to the rest of the south, and why? Find out from Edward Inman, Sr., a member of one of the most prominent families of the time.

Richard Whiteley, A Confederate Sharpshooter

Learn about the equipment, uniforms, and life of a Confederate soldier – with a twist. Richard Whiteley commanded a company of Sharpshooters from Georgia and ended up commanding the battalion. Against secession, he still enlisted to fight for his home state. Challenge historical stereotypes and shatter preconceived notions of what prompted Southern men to take up arms. Over half a million lives were lost. What made them think the sacrifices were worth it? The promise of a better life helped fill the Southern ranks.

I am a Union Soldier

Learn about the equipment, uniforms, and life of a Union soldier in the American Civil War. Why did Northern men take up arms? Over half a million lives were lost. What made them think the sacrifices were worth it? Was it preservation of the Union? Was it an abolitionist spirit? While the end of the war resulted in the deliverance of millions from slavery, the idea of Emancipation alone was not enough to fill the Northern ranks.

1860s Civilian

Grand armies maneuvered and engaged, fighting skirmishes and battles from Arizona to the Dakota Territory to Pennsylvania, as well as naval engagements along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and to the open waters of Europe. But what about those left at home? Loyalties on the home front were not always clear amid the hardships of war. It might not have been how you think.

Andrew Fleutsch, 1941 Park Ranger in Mt. McKinley National Park
(Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska)

Ranger Andrew Fleutsch has arrived in Mt. McKinley National Park during the summer of 1941. As a wildlife ranger, he has been tasked with assisting a park service biologist, Adolph Murie, in studying the local wildlife while preparing to face his first Alaska winter. Learn some history of the park while taking a different look at a predator most people fear – the wolf. Discover how one person, even yourself, CAN make a difference.