Consulting is not era or subject specific but geared toward the process of interpretation and how it can best be utilized at your site to engage guests.

Qualified as a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation, Inheriting Heritage, LLC has developed and implemented 1st and 3rd person interpretive programs at state parks, national parks, historic sites, and museums since 2005. With this background, I can help develop new interpretive programs for your site or improve on existing programs.

In our information age, interpretation is even more important. The information we have must be delivered in a way which it makes it relevant to people in a way which makes them care. We must answer the question – “Why does it matter?” Whether it is historical, cultural, or natural resources, there is an answer. It lies within the art of interpretation.

Freeman Tilden was the father of modern heritage interpretation. His third principle of interpretation states:

Interpretation is an art, which combines many arts, whether the materials presented are scientific, historical, or architectural. Any art is to some degree teachable.

Interpretation IS an art. As with any artistic pursuit, some will have greater aptitude than others, but interpretation IS teachable regardless of the subject matter. What is required of the interpreter is an interest in continual research, a passion for the subject matter, and a desire to relate the subject matter to guests in a personal way to make connections. This will ease the learning process of the art of interpretation.

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